What's with the 8? 

Why was your consulting company called Innov8?

- Do you have an "8" problem?

Lol. NO!

The Evalu8 Framework is  based on a cross functional assessment of 8 business areas. 

This methodology is a combination of my experince and best practices. It's questions I would specifically be looking to answer when assessing businesses for transition or growth.


As a business broker, I needed to develop a method to get to the point and see the opportunities to sell the possibility to potential buyers (I specialized in businesses selling from $250K to 10M) After some really sad stories, I realized I preferred to see businesses grow rather than tear them apart.


Over the last 10 years I have proven this process with entrepreneurs in businesses across industries  and at all stages of maturity. By focusing on asking the entrepreneur the right questions to develop a customized path with accountability and action.  


Increasing your Business ACUMEN is the key.

How can we know what we don't know, if we have no idea it even exists. 

As I see it, entrepreneurship is a journey and business is a process, both paths not always traveling in the same direction or in straight lines. So, I want to help other entrepreneurs,  like me, that  are ready to take control of their business and future. 


The Evalu8 Framework is a Small Business Owners CEO Dashboard. Aligning Vision and clear goals to innovation,  implementation and continuous improvement with EASY Activities and Checklists full of ideas, best practices for inspiration identifying gaps, and setting  priorities for a path forward. 


So the "8" is for the above pillars in the framework and the Infinity sign,  because we either INNOV8 or die. 

Change is not an option. 


This was me.

Looking at something bright and shiny, dressed the part and somehow balanced in my own chaos.

Under control, or so I thought. Or so I thought, everyone else thought when they looked at me. 

I am an infectious learner. I had a ton of questions and fantastic mentors. 

I always wondered how or where other entrepreneurs were finding information or  knowing what to do? So, I started a group of Women in Business in my community to get the conversation started. Building opportunities for entrepreneurs to connect and level up has been a passion project for a very long time. 




To me, your success is personal. You’re not in this alone. Business is a process of trial and error. Fail Forward with a plan to get back up. 

      - Sara, Founder, Coach, Entrepreneur, Mom

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 Let's get real.

Nothing worse than a great plan on the shelf.


So the Evalu8 - Evolve Programs are designed to get entrepreneurs to really think about where they are today and what needs to happen to get them on track with their goals. 


"there is no one giant step that does it. It's a lot of little steps."



I would hope these questions engage a different conversation with your leadership team, consultants or partners. Business IS a Process. 


To be honest, it is my hope that  small business owners will take just a few minutes to stop and get a bearing for where they truly are today, before making any of the mistakes I and so many others have made, with mixed results. Business is NOT a secret sauce or magic pixie dust.


 Your business is a baby that never truly stops crying and we just have to keep on top of what it needs... leaning in.   


Why Struggle or Go it Alone?


Coaching clients that built out their own CEO Dashboard said...

It is an honest, sometimes harsh, but needed reality check"

-Chris Harborne, Vortex Games

Did exactly what I had hoped it would do …it forced me to ask some hard and deep questions that I hadn’t thought of asking!

-Lynn Colepaugh, Cyber PR ARMY

Humbling, getting stripped down to see the bones and how to grow it stronger. 

-Amber Richards, Amber Effects Events

 Take control of your business. Change the conversation. 




Are you READY?