Partners make all the difference. 


We are on a mission to help small business owners get untangled, increase their business value, and be prepared for "next". We want to work with partners that are doing the same. 


We are starting a different conversation. Here's how our mission can help your network.  

  • Getting entrepreneurs the right help for the right issue, at the right time. No more Band-Aids. 

  • A well thought out and concise plan with financial projections. 

    • All of which the entrepreneur  will know inside-out themselves.  

  • Thriving businesses and entrepreneurs with work/ life balance

  • Resilient organizations with happy, engaged growing workforces



This is my Ideal Customer...

Looking at something bright and shiny, dressed the part and somehow balanced in chaos. I can so relate to this! 

A small business owner with less than 20 employees, who is working IN the business, not necessarily ON it.  Possibly, a bit lost, frustrated or tangled up. 

Balancing so many things that, at times, not sure which way they are going. Having a hard time seeing what is wrong. How to correct a pain, they don't know they should be asking for help with.

So confusing. 

I've got a roadmap to share. They WILL get clear on where they stand in their business and what they need to do next.  


Free Masterclass for your small business community 

Would your network be interested in leveling up their business acumen?  Learning to look at the big picture and set a plan in motion for 'next'. 

 Live - or - On demand

EVALU8 your Business

... Discover your Own Truth

Following the Evalu8 Framework, the Self-Assessment questions will have you take stock of your entire business. Vision. Revenue Streams. Operations. Team. Customer Experience. Marketing & Sales. Know your Numbers. Plan. Measure. 

 Be Honest.  What's going well? What needs some attention and what needs to happen to get where you want to be?  

This should be an exercise you plan to do in your business every 6-12 months. The answers are telling. Being a strategic small business owner does not come with an instruction manual for managing people, nor does it tell you 'how to' work IN and ON the business at the same time. Poking into all the corners of your business, these questions are sure to spark a conversation.  

Book a call with Sara and let's get your network talking. 

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I have been working with 100's entrepreneurs globally, in over 50 industries for more than a decade.


I have used this exact methodology to support growth and exit, including raising Millions of dollars of capital investment for companies at all stages of the business lifecycle.  It works! 



 Here's how we can work together


 Co-Branded Training or Mastermind Group 

As a strategic partner, let's create something together.  Ask us about offering a FREE Live Masterclass or develop your own mastermind group. We have Training built to meet each of the pillars in the Framework, and would be happy to support one of those topics if you think there is need.  

We can provide:

  • Live Webinars and Entrepreneurial Training
  • Co-branded Marketing Assets and promotional support, including a custom branded website landing page exclusive for your network. Plus content and templates for email. 
  • Optional closed group community, including Members Only Library for your organization’s resources and tools, live training, and additional support including a private members signup page
  • Specialty Pricing and /or Affiliate Partnership revenue sharing. 


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We share weekly questions, thought leadership, articles I have contributed on, quotes and upcoming events. 

Feel Free to share our Content. 


 Let's Start a Conversation and help more entrepreneurs together. 


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