Map out your Business

Evalu8 your Opportunities.  


  • Get out of the weeds and organized. 

  • Know what you need to focus on and who to ask for help. 

  • Engage your team and technology to increase productivity and profits. 

  • Manage Risk


     Build a business with a future you can take to the bank or sell.

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This training and coaching program is for Small Business Owners who: 

  • Are interested in transforming their business to increase productivity.
  • Want a game plan to follow
  • Are ready to get organized, strategically aligned with their vision
  • Want to learn to manage risk, while building a future they can take to the bank or sell.
  • Committed to 2-4 hours a week to work ON the business. 


It's NOT for anyone looking for a quick fix or done for you solution. 


Joining us, you will: 

  • Create a crystal-clear CEO overview of where you are in your business today. 
  • Have a complete Business Map for strategy and operations 
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success and taking your business off track, and…
  • Have renewed interest in your big picture vision and be inspired to finally have an outline of where you need to focus your efforts including what technology or support you may need to level up.   
  •   Know what you need to do. 

  •   Make better decisions and be prepared to raise capital or exit.  


Map your Business

Following our proven framework, a number of activities and checklists will help you take all your knowledge of the buisness out of your head and put it in one spot.  

Business mapping helps in understanding the overall picture of an organization, identifying inefficiencies, improving communication, and facilitating strategic decision-making. It provides a clear visual representation that aids in analyzing and optimizing business operations.

Want to Learn More? Click here and book a Free 30 Minute Strategy Session. Let's see if we are a fit.

Go at your own pace. 

Freedom of training when you can make time, aligned with your priorities.  Following the Evalu8 Framework, there are 8 Discovery Modules which in order build off the one previous. They will lead you in assessing your business in 2-4 hours for each module.  Suggested pace, 1 module a week for 8 to 9 weeks. 

Life-time* access to the program and any upgrades. 



Access to a Coach and Peer Community 

We are a peer network of entrepreneurs on the same journey. A confidential, safe place to ask questions, share your success, struggles and failures. Be there to help someone else that may need a hand facing an issue you just mastered or learned a lesson in. 

You are not in this alone.

Entrepreneurship is about educated trial and error. 



Want to Learn More? Click here and book a Free 30 Minute Strategy Session. Let's see if we are a fit.


You can cancel anytime. But, we also know if you commit to your business and trust the process, you will have a new way of looking at and tackling the challenges you face. You will take your business to the next level. 

We've witnessed the "aha" moments. So without a second thought, if you have completed the entire program and done the work, and still do not feel you have gained any clarity on your current position or what you need to do, we will absolutely refund your entire investment. * conditions apply. 


Entrepreneurs who went through this program have said: 


"It's an honest, sometimes harsh, but needed reality check." 

- Chris Harborne, Vortex Games


"The program was just what I had hoped. It forced me to peek into corners, ask hard questions and think about things differently. As a result, I have a new way of thinking and a new planning process, which is an excellent way to lead into the new year!" 

- Lynn Colepaugh, Cyber PR Army 

All The Tools and Support You Need to Build, Manage and Transition a Successful Business

A corporate trainer long before I became an entrepreneur, adult education is a passion of mine.  Over the years I have worked in a college environment, built customized training programs in a number of industries and supported e-learning platforms for leadership, personal and professional development.

This program will challenge you and make you think. It is designed to do so. We don't learn and grow in comfortable environments. Follow the process. Once you get it, you will know what you need and what your business needs from you. It's my goal that you will feel confident, supported and ready to achieve your goals.   - Sara