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Ok, when was the last time you took an honest look at your business?

Let's be clear - Being a Small Business Owner is TOUGH.
So many hats and spinning plates.  But how long has it been since you got quiet with your thoughts on where you are doing really well, what's not working, and what you can do better? 
Time to challenge your thinking and ask yourself some REAL questions?  Watch the Masterclass and take the self-assessment. Start the conversation from a different perspective. And it's Free. 
There are no wrong answers, but it will help you refocus your attention to the things that really matter in your business to reach your goals. Just having the discussion is good for your business. 

Oh, And Did I mention FREE? 

***One Condition. Here is where the Challenge comes in: Promise to talk through your results with at least One other Small Business Owner.  


Are you a Small Business Owner?

Do you have an active role working IN your business? 


If you answered YES...

You probably have had a few days where you feel a bit tangled up. Feeling like you are always putting out "fires". You need to know it's completely normal to feel this way sometimes, and you are not alone!  But if you want to get untangled, grow or exit, it is time to take a step back and look at your business from a different perspective.


Watch the Masterclass and then schedule 15-30 minutes to sit down and work ON your business, uninterrupted. Dig in. Really think about the questions. You might pick up a few ideas or have an aha moment. 


Share it with your leadership team or Advisory Board. Take up the Challenge and  talk to ONE other entrepreneur.  

Come back in 6 Months and do it again.  Measure your success.


Here's Why it will matter to you.



Based on Proven Best Practices and Questions Brokers, Investors or Consultants would look at when assessing your  business for stabilization,   growth or exit.


Take an inventory. Ask some hard questions. Be honest, it may confirm what you suspected, but it will also shine on some opportunities for how to move forward. 


Cut out some of the clutter to identify the gaps and bottlenecks. 

Be honest and set a plan in action to achieve your goals.


You do NOT have to be in this alone! 


TAKE the assessment, SHARE IT with your peers, COMPARE. Or Just keep it close. 


But, GET INVOLVED. If not with us, somewhere.

You need, and the business needs for you to have peers and mentors to bounce these opportunities and ideas off of.


If you then decide you want some help, I invite you to connect and learn more about our ONLINE TRAINING or  COACHING Programs. 


Start with the self-assessment.

How Does it Work?

  Change the conversation.

Open a different one. 




Are you READY ?