With dental expertise on our team, we are setting up our first "Niche" Industry  Mastermind Group  for Dental Entrepreneurs. 

It's not going to be a Clinical discussion. Let's talk about your practice and how to reach your goals. 


Let's talk Dental...what is your plan to take your practice to the next level? 


Have you ever considered joining a peer group, or network of entrepreneurs to talk dental business? Share best practices, learn the strategies top dental entrepreneurs are taking to transform their practices, build strong teams and embrace technology. 

*Coaching and Mastermind Groups for Dental Entrepreneurs, by invite only.  

We are assembling groups of leaders that meet virtually each month to work on strategies, share challenges & opportunities with peers in a safe, confidential environment.


Book a Discovery call. Let's see if we are a fit.

I'm Duncan

Dental Business Coach, Digital Dental Specialist

Dental Expertise in Continuing Education: Clinical, Operational and Product Trainer, On site Laboratory Trainer at LVI, New Product Development

  • Digital Specialist- Henry Schein
  • Cerec Specialist - Patterson Dental
  • Implantology- Dentsply
  • Dental Lab Expert- Aurum Group 
  • Market Development - Cerum Ortho Organizers

With over 25 years in dental education, manufacturing, sales, live patient training and entrepreneurship, Duncan has worked with leading dental experts globally and facilitated training programs for sales, management and leadership development within large dental organizations, single practitioners, colleges and universities; including frontline team members and management.

Working with Aurum Group of Companies, onsite at LVI (Las Vegas Institute), Duncan  worked alongside dentists and witnessed the transformational journey  that came from the right support and small changes that were implemented.  

An avid golfer, Duncan enjoys spending time on the course  with family and friends, and sailing when invited. (*wink)

Duncan gets excited to see dental professionals take business to the next level.  If he had a superpower it would definitely be Dental related. Actually, it is.... and you can see it in action. Be sure to ask him how that clinical discussion relates back to the profit center. It's quite impressive!

He truly does love to talk shop!

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  • You Don't have to be in it alone. 

    Our Mastermind Groups consist of 10-12 Dental  Entrepreneurs that are ready to get accountable to their business and take it to the next level. 


    What does it look like?

    • 3 hours, Once a month in supportive Group Session - same time every month. (eg. every Third Tuesday). 
    • Structured, facilitated meetings 
    • Accountability
    • International Network 
    • Weekly Expert Speakers, Training and Peer Community
    • Billed monthly, No commitment
    • (6) 1:1 Coaching sessions, to be used within year

Our MasterMind community isn’t for everyone.


It is an exclusive group of high performers who want to talk all things dental - but not clinical (unless it is about how your clinical operations drive profit, of course! ) and grow their business.

Our members are committed to doing business intelligently, with integrity, clarity and focus. Our community is comprised of ambitious people who are also good people. We have a “no jerks allowed” policy because we know it takes the right type of person to both give and gain value inside a great peer community.

This is a long game. 

*Limited Spaces, by invite only. 

Book a Discovery Call and let's see if this group is the right fit for you. 

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