To move your business forward, what do you need? 



Would it help to have someone to talk to?

Ask questions. Bounce ideas. Someone that understands business, will poke holes in your logic and challenge you?

Are you making the best decisions for the business? Do you know what your business needs from you?


Who is holding you accountableOk. Lot's of questions.  But as Small Business Owners wearing all the hats, we are juggling all these conversations and sometimes we need someone we can be honest with, ask questions, and to think through issues out loud in a safe, confidential space. 



Work with a Business Coach


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30 minute Call. No sales pitch.

Sometimes, you just need to talk it out. I know I did... and still do.  As a Strategist, I am here for your story.   Ask me questions, let's brainstorm some ideas, talk about your business, including some things you may not have thought about, just yet. 

If I can, I will,  give you some ideas or resources to help or I'll point you in the right direction to get what you need. 

Let's talk about your business.

**If you are in Canada, be sure to ask me about possible funding.


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"The program was just what I had hoped. It forced me to peek into corners, ask hard questions and think about things differently. As a result, I have a new way of thinking and a new planning process, which is an excellent way to lead into the new year!" 
- Lynn Colepaugh, Cyber PR Army 


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