Are you ready to discover your truth and take control.

Get the clarity to evaluate your opportunities and navigate your business forward?

There will be some "Aha!" moments 


Here's the TRUTH... If it's time to move your business forward, STOP HIRING SOMEONE ELSE TO TELL YOU ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS! 

We, entrepreneurs, can get pretty excitable about something we want to action, but looking at the big picture when you are in the middle is hard. That said, NO ONE will ever know your business like you. So, do you have someone to talk to? Ask questions. Someone that understands business and will poke holes in your logic and challenge you?

Are you making the best decisions for the business?

Do you know what your business needs from you to reach the next goals?

Who is going to hold you accountable?


Would working with a Business Coach be of interest to you?


If you said "Yes!"  Keep reading, here's how we can help.   

Let's connect. I'd love to offer you a FREE 30 minute Business Coaching Session

- NO charge - We really do want to help - 

No sales pitch. From there, if you are ready to get serious about getting your business organized and/or ready for exit, I'll fill you in on how we can work together and you can join our groups.

Let's talk about your business and what you need.
"It's an honest, sometimes harsh, but needed reality check." 
- Chris Harborne, Vortex Games


"You have got to be vulnerable with  yourself and your business. It was necessary to lay it all out there in order to see where and what was important for me to grow." 
- Amber Richards, Amber Effects Events


* Ok. A note on pricing. I need to be transparent with you. I prefer to keep the prices down because I think it's really important that small business owners without huge cash flow, that are worried or not sure what is next (like I was), will still invest in themselves. That said. I also know that you have to have skin in the game or you don't do the work. So, get in the game, work on your business and hold yourself accountable. Payment plans are also available. 

I've got your back.  The tools will help you build a CEO blueprint, with new ideas, strategies and best practices to follow.

I Promise. I even guaranteed it! - Sara

**If you are in Atlantic Canada, ask me about funding to support you.   

"The program was just what I had hoped. It forced me to peek into corners, ask hard questions and think about things differently. As a result, I have a new way of thinking and a new planning process, which is an excellent way to lead into the new year!" 
- Lynn Colepaugh, Cyber PR Army 


  Dive Deeper. 

Connect with what your  business needs and the path forward.