Are you a Small Business Owner that needs or wants to make some changes, but you are not sure where to start?

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? 

Where to get help, and what exactly to ask for?  

Is it time to have a candid conversation about your business and where it's going, and if you plan on being in it?

 No pressure or Judgement. Consider connecting with a Coach and other entrepreneurs on the same journey. Get clear on your current reality and what needs to happen to get you where you want to be. 

Tell me More...

We help small business owners to get organized and EXIT ready.  


Bringing clarity to your plan and reducing the overwhelm to:



So, what's your reality - Right Now? 

Do you Know what you Don't know?


"As an entrepreneur  starting out in my first business, I remember days I  wished for a manual of sorts to tell me what to do or where to look for help. I needed a  playbook to keep me on track, looking at the big picture, past all the fires keeping me busy. Without spending a fortune on a expensive software solution, I wanted to get organized and to talk to others that may have had the same questions. Even with great mentors, I felt pretty alone in my own mess at times, and I learned a few hard lessons along the way. 

Obviously,  I wish I knew then what I know now. We really don't need to struggle, we just need to step back and look at it from a different perspective once in awhile.  Let me show you what I learned in how to avoid some of the pitfalls, get organized and to always be exit ready.  strategic. 

 - Sara,  Business Strategist and Coach                                


Now is a great time to talk business. 


 Start with the Evalu8 Business Self-assessment.  It's not a grade thing... but this Checklist will make you think about parts of your business you may not have considered in awhile.  Oh, and it's FREE! 


Questions not tough enough?

Make it your own. Work ON your business. 

Following the Evalu8 Framework, give yourself uninterrupted CEO Time to ask yourself some questions and really think through the answers. And it's not a 1/2 hour activity - magic wand. It becomes a tool in helping you to organize and lead your business, strategically. 

Challenge yourself to look at your busines from a different perspective... and then share the experience with another small business owner. 


Evalu8 your Business


Hi!  I'm Sara

Entrepreneur, Coach, Business Strategist, Mom

 I  am on a mission to get entrepreneurs talking and looking at their business from a different perspective. Let's talk about discussions, decisions and actions that are necessary and not always uncomfortable. I know, because I've been in that spot.  You can't get better if you don't know what's wrong, but how could I know what I didn't know?

Feeling alone and lost. I was scared to tell anyone I was struggling.  And anyone I did ask, usually didn't  have any better answers than I did and often left me with more questions. And so many people trying to sell me things. 

Lessons Learned. After exiting my bricks and mortar business in 2010, I have been in supporting roles as a Business Broker, Business Advisor and Certified Business and Executive Coach.

As a business broker, I learned very quickly what I didn't know when I had to evaluate other peoples business and then market and sell them.   

Since then, I have focused on helping small business owners (like me)  to uncover their pain, tackle challenges, scale their operations and dream big, including exit. 

Entrepreneurship is a journey, even now, I still need to work on my own business and to stay accountable. And I know what I don't know!

Which is why it breaks my heart  to see other  entrepreneurs reach out for the wrong help, too late, just because they didn't know, or worse yet, they took the advice of someone else that didn't know.  The optimist in me prefers to build them up rather than tear them apart. So I created this program to help others get untangled,  ORGANIZED  and ready for growth or exit. 

It all starts with Discovery!  So, I am sharing my process, including activities and checklists, to evaluate businesses, identify gaps and look for opportunities (including hiring the right help!) to reach their goals. 

As a business advocate, I'm not going to sugar coat it  We all need a Reality Check once in awhile.  

Let me show you how to look at your business from a different perspective, up your business acumen and feel confident in your direction and next steps.

Are you READY? 



Download the Evalu8 Checklist … It's FREE. 

What are you good at? What needs some work?

Keep it Private or Share your Results with your leadership team, your coach or advisors. I recommend you do this strategic activity with yourself, the CEO in your business, every 6 - 12 months.  

If you want to get to the next level and dive deeper, build out your own Evalu8 CEO Dashboard or join the group coaching program. 


Evalu8 your Business

Then... EVOLVE

 Get involved.  I'm not saying you have to join us, but join something. You don't need to be in it alone

Keep leaning in to what you know that you don't know. Keep Learning.

 Be Strategic, Fail Forward. 

Never Give up and don't lose sight of the vision for exit. Surround yourself with others on the same journey that challenge and support you. 

Find tools and resources to organize your CEO Time and keep you on track. 

Group Coaching Program

And... EXIT


Make a plan, because you never know. I personally found this much harder than getting into business, so consider all your options. 

You are not going to live forever...What is the end goal for your business? 

Ideally, you are having this conversation 5 years before you want out.  It's a natural part of the business lifecycle, but we often don't want to talk about it. 

Get ahead. Start thinking about succession from the day you make your first sale.  

Book a call with a coach

 And if you'd like some help.... work with a Coach and join others on the same journey.



Be Growth & Exit READY

by building out your own CEO Dashboard in our Group Coaching Program.

You do not have to be in it alone.  

 It's a community of entrepreneurs all looking at their business from a different perspective with Training, Tools and Resources to work ON the business.

 It all starts with taking a true look at your current business situation.

Evalu8 what is working and what isn’t?

 From there you can Evolve.

Hire the consultant to fix the “right” issue, hire the new employee, access funding, or  create an international export strategy. Think Big!

... and MEASURE it! 

No Fluff. It's real and it's work. 


"It's an honest, sometimes harsh, but needed reality check." 

- Chris Harborne, Vortex Games
*btw. We stole the program name from this quote. Thanks Chris!


"You have got to be vulnerable with  yourself and your business. It was necessary to lay it all out there in order to see where and what was important for me to grow." 

- Amber Richards, Amber Effects Events


Learn more about our Coaching Programs

Discover your Truth.   Evalu8 your Opportunities.   Evolve your Business.

What others are saying about working with Sara...

Kim Scaravelli

 Owner, Trust Communications, Managing Partner, The Canadian Diversity Initiative

“I was working hard but it felt like I was spinning in circles instead of moving forward. Sara looked objectively at my goals and my tactics and worked with me to create a strategy that brought everything into alignment."


Jennifer Boyne 

Designer, Owner, J.Boyne Western Wear  

"Sara has provided me with the tools I needed to keep my business on track. 

 She encouraged me to set goals, not only  for  monthly or long term, but daily as well."

Scott Harrigan

Owner, Glorope Canada Inc. 

"Working with Sara was an excellent and invaluable experience.  

Formulating and then implementing a clear and concise strategic plan for both short term and long. She helped me thoroughly take stock of where my company was and where it was going."

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