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Secure the financing you need. 


Increase revenues without increasing expenses.


Start feeling in control of your future. 


Book a FREE strategy call and let's talk about your business.

Are you feeling a little nervous because you know you need or want to make some changes?   

... But not sure where to start. 


 Is it time to EVALU8 your current situation?


 Want to know where you need to FOCUS your energy?

Wondering if you are making the most INFORMED decisions?

What do you need to ACHEIVE your goals?


I can help you get started.


As an Entrepreneur, Growth Strategist, Coach and former Business Broker, I have a method to help you evaluate your business so you can see what's going on, manage risk and plan for whatever is next.

I've pulled it together with a bow, and some added best practices and tools or resources I have used successfully with 100's of entrepreneurs, across industries globally. This framework is  designed specifically to guide entrepreneurs to assess where they are, make a plan and then stay on track.

It's not a quick fix. But it will set you up for long term Success.  

 I'm sharing, because I wish I had this conversation when I started out.   




DISCOVER YOUR TRUTH. All good plans start where you are now. Following the Evalu8 Framework, the Self-Assessment questions will have you take stock of your entire business. It's a Big Picture, 52 point Checklist that should take you about 15-30 minutes. They are questions I would ask. See how you do. How would you rate your overall business health?

Vision. Revenue Streams. Operations. Team. Customer Experience. Marketing & Sales. Know your Numbers. Plan. Measure. 

Be Honest.  What's going well? What needs some attention? What needs to happen to get where you want to be?  Start a new conversation.   It's about your REALITY and how well you know your business.  

IT'S FREE!   IT WILL NOT HURT YOU! Your Business will thank you. 

Do it again every 6-12 months. Compare. 


Evalu8 your Business - FREE - Training for Small Business Owners

As a solopreneur or small team, you are probably juggling a few hats,  feeling overwhelmed and tired of the guessing game. Wondering what's next?  I know that's how I felt.

How are you supposed to improve, if you aren’t even 100% sure what's wrong? Where do you start? Is it actually possible to have a big picture view and take control without feeling alone or overwhelmed?! 


If you are ready, here's the success path. 



Step back, as the CEO in your company, TAKE AN INVENTORY.   ASK YOURSELF THE TOUGH QUESTIONS. Watch the Masterclass and Download the Evalu8 Checklist … It's FREE.  (see above)

What are YOU good at? What needs some work?

Keep it Private or Share your Results with your leadership team, your coach or advisors. Again, I recommend you do this strategic activity, every 6 - 12 months.  It only takes a half hour. Rate your health. 

GET ORGANIZED. Dream Big and PLAN for the future!  Dive deeper and build a CUSTOM - CEO Dashboard in the Training or Coaching Programs. 

Success starts with learning what you don't know, yet. And then making a plan to level up.   

Entrepreneurial Skills Training


 GET INVOLVED.  I'm not saying you have to join us, but join something. You don't need to be in it alone

Keep learning. Fail forward. Not flailing forward. 

 Get accountable to what your business needs from you. 

BE STRATEGIC ABOUT YOUR NEXT STEPS. Don't lose sight of your vision. Surround yourself with others on the same journey, talking the same language. You need them to challenge you and cheer you on. 

Reach out for the right support, for the right problem. Find the tools and resources to organize your CEO Time to keep you on track and measuring results. 

Innovation needs action. 


And Finally...SUCCEED

Do you have a plan, because you never know. I personally found getting out of business much harder than getting into business, so consider all your options. 

Exit is not failure. 

Are you going to live forever? So, WHAT IS THE END GOAL FOR YOUR BUSINESS? 

Ideally, you are having this conversation from the day you open your business, and at least 5 years before you want out.  It's a natural part of the business lifecycle and it requires you to be organized.  

Get your business out of your head. Start planning for SUCCESS today.



Hi!  I'm Sara

Mom and rider of ski slopes. Influencer,  Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, Coach, Mentor 

I help small business owners to get organized, make informed decisions, raise capital and prepare for what's next.

Ok. I am a BIG Believer in Dream Big and make it happen! I am on a mission to get more entrepreneurs talking about their business and making better choices. It's about success, failure, and everything in-between with eyes wide open. 

How do you know this isn't just another waste of time offer / sales pitch to "help" - that may not be helpful? ... I was in your shoes, not that long ago. 

As the founder, Business Growth Strategist and Certified Business and Executive Coach, I have been working with small business owners for over decade. But, I was a solopreneur before that. Balancing life, my kids, staff, suppliers, and all the other balls I had in the air.

I get it.

It wasn't until I left my first business and became a Business Broker, selling other peoples businesses dreams and their potential, that it really clicked for me and I saw the big picture, with all of the pieces.

In hindsight, I would have made some very different decisions along the way, but I didn't know what I didn't know, and I believed I was doing it right at the time. Lessons learned.

Ironically, I've heard the same thing from almost every entrepreneur I have worked with; "if only we had this conversation with you few years ago, I would have made those changes long ago." Many even saying they likely would not be selling or closing if they had.

Notably, those that I had met early on in their entrepreneurial journey have flourished and I've used this same framework across multiple industries with entrepreneurs at all stages of the business lifecycle. It works! 

So, this is all about taking stock of your whole business to align your vision, increase the business value, hire the right consultant for the right issue, grow your team, expand operations, dream bigger and to be ready to exit when the time is right.

Be the CEO leader your business needs you to be.  Up your business acumen and feel confident in your direction and next steps. From here you will know what you don't know and have a much better idea of which questions to ask, or who you need to ask for help.  And don't go it alone. Burnout, depression and isolation are not the way to reach  your goals. (been there too!) 

I've got your back and I'm sharing my toolbox. 

 Are you READY? 

Discover your Truth.   Evalu8 your Opportunities.   Evolve your Business.

What others are saying about working with Sara...

Kim Scaravelli

 Owner, Trust Communications, Managing Partner, The Canadian Diversity InitiativeBest Selling Author - Making Words Work

“I was working hard but it felt like I was spinning in circles instead of moving forward. Sara looked objectively at my goals and my tactics and worked with me to create a strategy that brought everything into alignment."


Jennifer Boyne 

Designer, Owner, J.Boyne Western Wear  

"Sara has provided me with the tools I needed to keep my business on track. 

 She encouraged me to set goals, not only  for  monthly or long term, but daily as well."

Scott Harrigan

Owner, Glorope Canada Inc. 

"Working with Sara was an excellent and invaluable experience.  

Formulating and then implementing a clear and concise strategic plan for both short term and long. She helped me thoroughly take stock of where my company was and where it was going."

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